Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Single Suggestion - a new advice feature.

As my dating adventures continue and my wisdom regarding dating and relationships grows infinite and vast, it would seem selfish if I hoarded these divine secrets of singlehood for myself. Therefore, I introduce to you...

'one SINGLE suggestion' will be a semi-regular (my commitment issues never cease) write-in dating advice feature of the 'one SINGLE story' blog.

Our first reader query appears here. Ooh! Ahh!

Q. I've been talking to this guy online and we've exchanged about 4 e-mails each, but the last one he sent didn't leave me much to work with. He hit on a couple things we had previously talked about and then answered a question I had asked, but didn't ask me anything in return. Done? Do I even try to keep the convo going? Don't even know what I would say at this point.

- Reader in Need

A. I say NO, not done yet. He wrote back and that is all the motivation you should need to write him again. I have found that after a 4 to 5 email banter back and forth, it becomes more fun to start opening up about yourself (cause we live in a me me me society) and it becomes easier to forget general e-dating etiquette--which says to always end with at least one or two questions back to the other person. If you are interested in seeing him, I'd swoop in now and suggest an in-person meeting. Too many emails can kill the excitement anyway. Sort of just like the way video killed the radio star.


So, don't be shy now. Email your dating queries, woes and what-should-I-dos?! to I may have some sage advice to offer you in return for your troubles.

N.B. In a relationship already? No worries. Though I haven't had a successful relationship myself, I can probably help yours. Promise. Fire away with your questions too, coupled friends.

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